Christ the King Reformed Church seeks to be a epistemologically self-conscious confessional Reformed Church in the tradition of G. van Prinsterer, A. Kuyper, H. Bavinck, G. Vos and C. Van Til. We understand that most Christians, never mind most people, are completely clueless on those names but if we could we would that more men would learn Christ from them and men like them.

However, though we emphasize thinking like adults we gather as God's children to learn the simple truths of God's grace as we gather Sunday by Sunday to be fed by the means of God's abundant grace.

We love our children here and seek to show that love by not dividing them out of the Worship service and by seeking to include them in all teaching sessions. We want our children to grow up learning how to think like adults used to think when adults did think like adults.

As a congregation we learn together, laugh together, play together and work together. We seek to bear one another's burdens while at the same time rejoicing with those who rejoice.

Like every other Church we long to increase in Sanctification and understand that we have miles to go before we sleep.

Come join our small flock and be amazed with the greatness of God's covenant faithfulness while we together learn to delight in God's law both day and night.

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Every Sunday at 10:00 a.m.

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Pastor Bret L. McAtee is the husband of a wife without peer, father of three children who walk as heroes in the land, and grandfather of nine. He is the author of Iron Ink, which is committed to thinking God’s thoughts after Him. He has pastored Christ the King Reformed for over 20 years.